About Us

Celebrating Asian American Heritage Foundation (CAAHF) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to supporting education, arts, and cultural activities for Asian American and Pacific Islander cultural traditions and heritage appreciation.

Celebrating Asian American Heritage Foundation

President: Thomas Tsang
Vice President: Vivian Wong
Treasurer: Joann Du
Secretary: Joe Chan
Board Members: Feroz Alpaiwalla
Sam Hsu
Dr. Jian Li
Paul Look
Sally Magnuson
Dollie Thomas
Jeffrey Wang
David Yu

Plano AsiaFest 2024 Committees

Chairperson: Feroz Alpaiwalla
Fundraising: Vivian Wong
Booth Coordinator: Joe Chan
Paul Look
Performances: Jian Li
Vivian Wong
Fashion Show: Jian Li
Vivian Wong
Food Vendors: David Yu
Feroz Alpaiwalla
Publicity/Promotion: Joe Chan
Paul Look
Digital Production: Joe Chan
Jeffrey Wang
Paul Look
Social Media & Digital Advertising: Joe Chan
Paul Look
Jeffrey Wang
Volunteer Coordinators: Vivian Wong
Dollie Thomas
Children's Activities: Vivian Wong
Victoria Wong
Art Exhibition: Jian Li
Jeffrey Wang


CAAHF's bylaws may be found here.

Join us

Interested in joining the Celebrating Asian American Heritage Foundation? Please email us at Committee@AsianAmericanHeritage.org for more information.

Volunteer with us

To learn more about becoming a volunteer at AsiaFest, please visit our volunteering page.